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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bizzare Cranberries

I did a case in trade marks the other week (see, I'm learning, I no longer spell it trademarks!) where the company Ocean Spray failed in its attempt to register the phrase "cranberry classic" because it wasn't distinctive enough. So when I saw someone with a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice at a family BBQ I checked out the label and was a bit surprised when I noticed the phrase Cranberry Classic TM in the (really long and pointless) product description/puff piece. So just now, cause I was bored in class, I decided to check the trade mark register to see if Cranberry Classic was registered and it wasn't. Turns out you don't need a registered trade mark to use the TM symbol.

Anyway, I'm sure you're thinking that that story isn't nearly interesting enough to justify a post and you're right. But I did discover that Ocean Spray's marketers are on some weird drugs when I did a full trade mark search for the company. Some of their ideas have fallen into misuse, like your body craves the wave, cran the wave and crantastic. But the weirdest ones remain. There's Cran Dude (who, presumably, is the trade mark pictured right - I wonder when the movie's coming out?) and made from a recipe squeezed out kids. I did not make that up. Ocean Spray has registered the phrase made from a recipe squeezed out of kids as a trade mark. I guess that's why the trade marked expect the unexpected too.

Update: The links seem to be temporary and I can't find solid ones so I deleted them.


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