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Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Blog Roundup

I've added a few blogs to my blogroll over the past little while, in case you're interested here's a roundup:

  • The LEO Test is more of an academic project than a blog. Jonathon York who runs it is a political science academic who is developing and applying a political ideology test. The test is based on three factors, liberty, equity and order (hence LEO) which he posits are the three defining motivations of the three primary schools of political thought (libertarianism, liberalism and conservatism respectively). It's an interesting project which, while new, already has some interesting insights.
  • The Has Been is Bruce Reed who is the president of the DLC. His blog (attached to Slate) is excellently written and superbly researched. It's a crying shame his blog isn't as widely read as Kos's, whose much blander but more militant blog has a long running campaign against the DLC. Reading Reed's blog you see that the pseud-Democrat caricature which Kos uses to describe the DLC couldn't be further from the truth.
  • Yglesias is a professional writer who runs a similarly well-researched and interesting Liberal blog, but he posts much more often than Reed.
  • Donklephant, if you can get past the silly name, is an interesting centrist group blog. It's in a similar style to Totten (who is one of the contributors) - hawkish on foreign policy, moderate/centrist on other issues.
  • Freeworldnik and Il Propheta are both Australians who have blogs which they don't post to very often. The former writes really long well researched posts on international affairs, the latter writes shorter, militant-leftist posts.
  • John Lee, the president of Melbourne Uni's Political Interest Society which has a new group-blog, also has a new blog. John's blog seems to be going pretty well and has covered a few interesting topics, but I'm not sure if the PIS blog will take off. Time will tell.

All are worth checking out, imo. As an aside, does anyone know a half decent music blog? Preferably one which talks about the sort of music I listen to.


  • Thanks for pointing out Has Been. I'd seen it excerpted several times but had never been to the source.

    On the other hand, Yglesias is one of the bloggers you can follow through other blogs, since almost every word he says gets reposted.

    And especially thanks for LEO. It always helps to have a new way of looking at people in politics. And the quizzes he links are a lot of fun. I seem to be something called a "liberal".

    By Blogger Charles Watkins, at 1:45 AM  

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